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Sy H. Friedman, Founder 1918-2006. Welcome to INTERCHANGE INC., the worldwide source for parts cross-referencing. We hope your visit to our website is helpful and informative.

After working for 30 years in surplus bearing sales, and as a sales manager for an aftermarket bearing manufacturer, our Founder Sy H. Friedman was first introduced to electronic data processing in 1955. He immediately realized the benefit of using data processing to solve the growing need for reliable cross-reference information for bearings. He researched various numbering systems used in bearing catalogs, and created a simple and unique method for organizing the data.

The number sequences used in telephone books and dictionaries proved to be the best way to combine the different numbering systems and languages that had previously made it so difficult to locate cross-reference information. And it was a system that computers could handle efficiently. This left-to-right sequence developed by Sy H. Friedman, proved to be the best way to combine all the numbers and letters that made up prefixes, suffixes or internal portions of a part number - no matter how many characters were involved. It was also the only way to combine worldwide data for both producers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

2000 Edition International Interchange Guides Solutions
Work on the International Interchange Guides began in 1955 and the books were first printed in 1966. Today, using a database of two million part numbers, we offer six titles for parts cross-referencing.

At Interchange Incorporated, we understand the cross-referencing problems that have been created over the last 50 years due to the mergers, buyouts, and ongoing growth in the parts industry. Some bearing items, for example, have more than 800 different part numbers and brand combinations! Engineers, designers, suppliers, and those involved in purchasing and inventory control, are constantly struggling with part identification and selection. Problems also occur when attempts are made to locate older parts for a company that has replaced its own numbering system and/or merged with a competitor who used a different set of numbers for similar bearings.

The International Interchange Guides not only include domestic and foreign numbering systems, but dimensions listed in both inches and metric progression. Whenever possible, data is also accompanied by illustrations. These convenient features have been designed to help your company reduce inventory duplications, prevent down time, streamline daily operations, and consolidate information.

We are constantly updating the database, and new editions have been published regularly over the past 30 years. In 1996, the first version of our Electronic Interchange Guides was released on CD-ROM. We subsequently introduced our online service, now available at

With our products now being marketed in over 160 countries, we believe that we have made an important contribution to the industry, wherever wheels and shafts turn.

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